"When ever I call Atlanta Fleet Service with a problem with one of my trucks the service and the response time is remarkable. Pricing is very fair and competitive with other repair shops. This is a very valuable service to my company because the time I save since they perform most of my repairs on site. No matter where my trucks are"

                                                          David Mullinix, General Property Service INC.

"I received a consultation from Atlanta Fleet Service on building a small fleet of trucks. After meeting with them, asking questions and listening to what they had to say I went through with the contract. Within 10 Days, my 3 used trucks showed up freshly washed, lettered, serviced and dressed out with the proper shelving and rack systems that we had picked out. The time and stress I saved over doing this myself was well worth it. On top of that I don't even think I could have done it for the price I was charged"
                                                                Barry Brooks, Art Audio and Video

"Ever since I started using Atlanta Fleet Service I have had ZERO issues with my vans. It seemed like one of my drivers would tell me about a problem with one of my vans everyday. I was so tired of it! Now, I let my guys communicate directly with Richard. We have a set budget on repairs so he can perform them immediately without my consent. He also services my fork lifts. What a brain saver"

                                                                  Mario Sarkis, Atlanta Carpet Wholesalers

"I was referred to Richard Stone to replace my Cat Converters on my 2002 Nissan Pathfinder. My check engine light was on and I had to pass emissions. I had a quote from the dealer of 2,400.00. I wanted to replace the vehicle but could not afford to buy even a new used. When I called Richard and he told me he could do the job for 1,400.00 I was saved. Not only did he fix my Nissan that week, but he picked it up and dropped it back off at my office the same day so I missed no work!"

                                                                                     Kevin Tucker